Nobel prize committee capitalizes the ECB

Although in these kind of moments we are all EU enthusiasts and those with negative comments are hushed away, I can’t stop feeling there is something wrong with this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. And I can’t stop comparing it to the Peace laureate in 2009.

Has Nobel Committee become a subsidising organization recently? Is it one of the sources of foreign reserves for the ECB? I’d definitely keep the whole amount of 8 million Swedish kronor in its original currency. You never know when you’d need to recapitalize the ECB.

(A picture from

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  1. ” The president also mentions that he was in charge of two wars when he received the peace prize in the first place. mention magnifiers, burning glasses (because holding them in the sun over a piece of parchment or cloth would set it on fire), and magnifying glasses. Receiving fifty-seven votes out of sixty, Hammarskj.

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