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Central banker with a twist

This horrible work “macroprudential”

From @MacroPru tweet and yb video

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Central banks – the new normal

Central banking and monetary policy – which will be the new normal? is a one day conference co-organized by SUERF/BAFFI Carefin. Right on time BIS has published research discussing negativity of negative interest rates. Financial Times discusses the matter … Continue reading

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The challenges of central bank divergence

“The US is years ahead of the EU in recovery and so at a different stage of the monetary policy cycle”- writes Financial Times

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Big Bad Wolf of Financial markets – financial innovations

The more I read about financial market and reasons of the current crisis – the more amazed I am and the more I like this job. Such an entertainment! Currently I read a CEPR report from 2009 about market regulation … Continue reading

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What central banks will do this year

Bloomberg’s forecast:

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“Euro is like hotel California…

…you can check out any time but you can never leave” says a new Greek minister of finance, professor of economics at the University of Athens. Read more at:

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Some personal public relations

Me on central banks on the first webpage of the University of Turku (English version) and more here: Soon I’ll write a report from the recent Meeting of the European Central Punk that took place in Zurich, 3-6April, … Continue reading

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