Aaaa_help needed (for Greece)

but no rhyme this time. Time to ask some questions and hope to receive answers. Trying to be a rational economist and an agent making decisions on a regular basis I ask myself why people go on strike.

I know, this may be a silly question. One may say we protest to get benefits. Sure. An example: Finnish labour union of nurses went on strike some time ago. They all quit their jobs, started to negotiate new working conditions and were successful. All were hired with better contracts.

However, I ask, why do Greek people go on strike in a situation when it seems to be no alternative to the infamous austerity plan. Why do they put themselves into bigger trouble by not allowing planes to land or public transport to run etc.? Isn’t it in their interest now to attract foreign capital by, for example,  inviting tourists to their country?

I am personally under the great impression of Greece. I have been there twice: once in Athens and once on the beautiful island-Crete. I want to return there more and more often. I am willing to support Greek economy by spending my money there, taking my family there and advertising wonderful places to my friends. I would like to be sure however that once I buy my ticket to Greece and I book a nice hotel, I would be able to arrive to the country without any serious delays. I wish to be wanted there.  Unfortunately, Greek people being on strike do not allow many of us to experience this wonderful antique culture.

My first visit two years ago was marked with one of  these public protests. I spent half a day at the Copenhagen Airport waiting for a plane to leave just because no planes were allowed to land in Athens due to a strike. I was refused to experience Greek delicious food, freshly squeezed orange juice and most importantly – beautiful scenery for a day because I (and many of us) was unwanted there. Nobody cared for my money. A protest against a government was more important than increasing own wealth.

It seems this situation repeats today. So I ask these questions. Why do Greek people make themselves even more miserable? Why do they prevent themselves from increasing their wealth? Some answers anyone?

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