My first visit to Vienna

ended at the airport hotel. If I don’t count my previous visit just at the airport and transfer area two weeks earlier that would have been my first long-awaited (but this time completely forced on me) visit to this beautiful city.

Of course this is completely my fault. What was I thinking hoping that 1.5h is enough to change a plane. Unfortunately, my trip from a country described in previous posts was delayed due to the heavy traffic over Cyprus. My aircraft simply spent 1h15min at the gate loaded with luggage and passengers. My connecting flight was with Finnair. This Finnish company prefers to keep its reputation of not being late. This time they sacrificed me and my time by forcing me to take the next flight on the next day. Sure, my stay was sponsored by Finnair and many of you may say there’s no room for complaining. Seize the day! Go have a free sightseeing opportunity in Vienna. I guess I would have done it if it wasn’t 10pm and my next flight wouldn’t be next day in the morning.

Anyway, surely there should not be any problem staying overnight if you have your luggage and clean clothes, right? Wait a sec, but where was my luggage? Still in the country of my departure, you say? How splendid! Especially that it will not arrive to Finland on the same flight as me but, as it appeared later, on the next day after my arrival.

It took me two days to get home, my luggage traveled few hours longer. If Finnair would operate on that route the direct flight, it takes 4 hours, according to their information, to travel from point A to B.

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