Citizen no. 5 (continues)

I started to wonder what kind of treatment other numbers receive in that country. I understood already that one is the safest traveler so my  five made me a quite suspiciously looking person. In Vienna where I was waiting for my luggage after I found out  that I was forced to spend a night because my flight already left (another kind of story) I met a girl who was a number 6.

How’s different six from five? So a number six gets a room on its own to receive a very special treatment of every piece of items in the luggage being checked thoroughly. A special room far from public eyes allows a traveler also to receive a careful personal check of the body. There is an additional interrogation, checking pictures in the camera and so on. Additionally some more dangerous items end up in the security box like eye lenses liquid and a shampoo. And this all you may receive just because you went to the wrong part of the country during your stay.

This girl has been going away and back to this country several times and has got familiar with the number system. She informed me that no. 6 is just below the terrorist suspicion.

So tell me, my friends, what number did you receive on your way home?

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