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Perversion of central banks “lender of last resort” role

Charles I. Plosser (Phil Fed) – “Pressure on central banks is also showing up through other channels. In some circles, it has become fashionable to invoke “lender of last resort” arguments as a reason for central banks to engage in … Continue reading

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I’d like to thank P. Volcker…

… A. Blinder, O. Issing, R. Nixon and W. Duisenberg because quotations from these people helped me to defend my PhD thesis in economics. http://www.tse.fi/EN/media/events/Pages/DissertationDefenceLicSocScAleksandraMaslowska.aspx http://www.tse.fi/EN/media/news/Pages/DissertationCentral-Bank-Independence-Matters.aspx

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