Jackson Hole Symposium 2011

The Annual Economic Symposium takes place 25-27 August, 2011 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is the most fragile and mind-boosting place right now because it gathers many central bank leaders and plenty of important minds in the economic world. Markets await the speech of the governor Bernanke. Is it going to be pictured by another drawing like that one from last year’s journal The Economist? His speech scheduled today, 26 August, 10am ET. The Fed has already recently commit itself to keeping low levels of interest rates for the next 2 years. Hence, doubtful that the next round, QE3 is announced soon. Let’s tune in to the Jackson Hole economic news.

The Symposium’s webpage – http://www.kc.frb.org/publications/research/escp/escp-2011.cfm

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2 Responses to Jackson Hole Symposium 2011

  1. Johnny Westerwave says:

    Ben is REAL American Central Punker, isn’t he?
    As Gerard Westerwave put it: When BB’s drunk we have very similar opinions…

    • bzik2 says:

      This is a lesson to all. Mix and match is a good method for choosing your clothes but not drinking or monetary policy. This is how you look like after QE shots and the policy that looks like Molotov cocktail.

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