Every little thing he does is magic

Some time ago “smart” and “tasteful” people who know what we should like in music said that a new Sting’s project, an album and a tour with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra from London is nothing more but mediocre cutting off coupons by Sting. They claimed there’s nothing new in it and Sting should finally start writing new songs.

I was on Friday in Helsinki listening to Simphonicity tour concert and let me tell you this: Never let anyone tell you what you should think/listen to/ read/watch etc. Just let yourself make your own opinion. I, and few thousands of viewers were enchanted by a beauty of simple songs arranged to be played by a philharmonic orchestra. Sitting there I was thinking that even if a person does not like Sting then at least he had  a wonderful symphonic concert. I don’t want to call it “2-in-1” but it was sort of being at two different concerts at the same time. I’m a fan of Sting and at the same time I really enjoy classical music. So I had two musical pleasures in one.

About the music. I had chills during “You will be my ain true love” with crystal clear second voice of Jo Lawry. All were thrilled during “Moon over Bourbon street” when Sting wore a vampire coat and music was accompanied by creepy pictures from an old vampire movie. Finally I was surprised to hear Sting singing “All would envy”, well his own song, but the one I knew from a brilliant Chris Botti album “Night Sessions” (more about a fantastic trumpeter here http://www.chrisbotti.com).

At the end I experienced something like never before. Perhaps if I went to an ice-hockey game I wouldn’t be so surprised. So the audience was clapping their hands and additionally making noise with their feet. Imagine a symphonic concert and a behaviour like that! I really liked that. It finally showed some guts from Finnish audience during concerts.

All in all, whoever can still go to Sting Symphonicity concerts, do that. Also check http://jolawry.com/live/. This vocalist is worth of mentioning. My top picture is not from that concert but the one few years back from Pori Jazz. I was sitting sooo far that any trials of making pictures with basic equipment ended with failure. For example like this one.

I have just read in Turun Sanomat a review of this concert and a writer didn’t like it. Shame! I don’t care! And you shouldn’t.

Zatem, moje drogie poznanskie i okoliczne pyry. Jesli tylko macie mozliwosc oraz fundusze wybrac sie na koncert Stinga 20 wrzesnia w Poznaniu, to bardzo bardzo Wam polecam. Warrrrto!

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