The European Central Punk

A new band is soon breaking through the music market. A band I was asked to write lyrics for.

My Austrian friends announced it is time to make the public hear and feel the music of the European Central Punk. Because the idea was born in Turkey, my first lyrics would be the following:

There was a girl who had an amnesia
after raki* use for anaesthesia
her memory was blank
no lyrics for central punk
she just had a weird synesthesia

* Turkish alcohol

About bzik2

A beginning central banker with a twist
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2 Responses to The European Central Punk

  1. Gerhard Schwarz says:

    yeah, girl … keep up with the good lyrics. we’re already composing songs which will break the charts like the straws we’re all grasping at …

    • bzik2 says:

      You don’t have to ask me twice
      I’ll write something smart at once
      You’re going to like it a lot
      Our hit will go straight to the song chart’s top

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