Holiday’s problems with English

So it is, July starts a “writing” season and so is Christmas time, or, as politically correct people say, Holiday season. This writing is really difficult because a person has a will and wish to share personal thoughts with others but at the same time there’s a fear of saying too much.

I also find it difficult to write these words in English because it is not my mother tounge, and, as I’ve been criticized for having problems with the language. Is this true?

I remember asking, few years ago, a so-called native speaker to help me with my writing skills and I found him saying he didn’t know all words I wrote. He was a middle-class person from the United Kingdom and wasn’t using as many sophisticated words as foreigners are taught at schools or English courses.

Would an American say to an Englishman: “your English is poor” just because he/she would have problems to understand it?

So, do I have problems with English language?

Jesli tak, czas zaczac pisac po polsku. Si oui, je peux ecrirer en francais aussi.

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