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I have never been to Zimbabwe. I’m not sure I want to go there. I may easily go bankrupt and have problems to come back. I must, however, give credit to Gideon Gono, Zimbabwe’s central bank governor. His latest statement made me follow the trend of writing blogs, despite my ever lasting rule of going against the mainstream.

It’s worth of bringing Gono’s words here. They had even greater impact on me than Willem H. Buiter’s opinion about the Maastricht Treaty*.

Anyone who says the bank governor should violate the head of state is violating a principle that Jesus Christ demanded of his disciples. A key element Christ looked for in his disciples was loyalty.”  – Gideon Gono, July 2008.

I spend my days on searching and reading such interesting opinions, which give me inspiration for my research. Anyone who wishes to read about the fascinating world of central banks from the perspective of a non-central banker, is very Welcome to My Blog.

PS: Kilka slow wyjasnien nalezy sie tym, ktorzy pozostali wierni jezykowi ojczystemu i nie wladaja zadnym innym. Ta strona ma udowodnic, ze zyje i mam sie dobrze i chce sie z Wami komunikowac. W przyszlosci moze uda mi sie znalezc polskie litery w moim Mac-u. Poki co, bedzie z bledami. Pozdrawiam – Ola

*”The ECB’s operational independence and operational target independence is derived from a Treaty that is several hundred pages long and has a kitchen-sink quality (…).”, from “Rethinking Inflation Targeting and Central Bank Independence”, 2006.

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